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National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses

Slater and Gordon were very proud to be sponsors of the annual nurses conference, which this year took place near Windsor on 19-20 November.


Slater and Gordon's asbestos support worker Alison Blake commented: “It was a fantastic opportunity to see familiar faces and meet new ones. Many nurses were on their first visit to this conference, some present have seen the conference grow over the years to a large but still very friendly meeting.

“Although patients have always been at the forefront, it was particularly gratifying to hear from two patients who have had very significant improvements due to immunotherapy. In fact, immunotherapy was one of the most discussed topics. We were all very excited to hear about the progress in this area.

“Some immunotherapy may not get NHS funding but if making a successful asbestos compensation claim, it is likely we would be able to cover the cost if this being done privately.”

Slater and Gordon’s asbestos support worker, Alison Blake, commented: “This was my first experience of attending a conference with so many medical delegates. I was delighted to see the high attendance, and listening to the lung cancer nurses (LCNs) swapping their experiences and knowledge. There does seem to be a difference in service depending where you are geographically, but the one thing that is apparent is the enthusiasm and willingness of the LCNs to learn more and improve the services in their own areas.

“The whole event had a very friendly atmosphere and although there were several faces I had met previously, it was good to meet others and build up a rapport. I guess by attending as many of these gatherings as possible, you will get to know everyone better and vice versa.

“Everyone seemed pleasantly surprised about my role as asbestos support worker with Slater and Gordon and I felt proud to be able to give our clients in the South East area the additional support they need.

“I have to say the highlight for me was hearing from the patients attending just how well they are doing on the various trial drugs. Mavis Nye 72 was diagnosed with mesothelioma back in 2009. She could hardly walk 18 months ago and yet, last week, she was told that there is no active mesothelioma in her tumours now. As you can imagine, doctors and researchers are keen to find out why she is responding so well to the drugs. I’m watching with intense interest and hope.”

Application Form for Individual Health Professionals

Medical and health professions who are dedicated to the prevention, treatment, care and support of people who have an asbestos-related disease can apply for a donation towards an application fee for educational training, conferences and the like. These small donations are up to a maximum of £250. Successful applicants will need to show that the activity proposed is both linked to the area of asbestos related diseases and is of direct benefit to patients within this area.


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