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Man Suffers Amputation Due to Damaged Escalator

A man has suffered serious injuries after being trapped by a poorly maintained escalator.

Michael Reddington was shopping at the West End Arcade in Nottingham when he used the shopping centre escalator.

Unbeknownst to Mr Reddington, the escalator was actually damaged and hadn’t been repaired. His foot was crushed between the step and the platform, trapping him and causing extensive damage to his toes.

His big toe was amputated by the escalator and he suffered fractures and cuts to the other toes on his foot. He has had to learn to walk again and is in constant pain.

The shopping centre’s managing agents, Hodgson Elkington LLP, have been found guilty of breaching health and safety and been fined £75,000.

The court heard that the escalator hadn’t been inspected or maintained for around two years. The managing agents admitted to charges of exposing people to risk by failing to maintain the escalator properly.

Mr Reddington will receive compensation for his injuries but the exact amount will be determined at a later date.

When we are in public spaces we expect to be safe from harm, especially when in a shopping centre. Sadly, escalator accidents are quite common, but not usually from poorly maintained machinery.

If you are injured in a public space through no fault of your own, you have the right to claim compensation from whoever owns or maintains the space. Every occupier of land or buildings that are open to the public has a duty of care to keep people safe, and they have to have public liability insurance to cover any eventualities.

Slater and Gordon personal injury lawyers deal with public liability claims on a No Win No Fee basis and offer a free consultation for anyone injured in a public place. We can provide you with free legal advice and tell you if your claim is likely to succeed.

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