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Volkswagen Consider Buying Back Some of their Affected Cars

Volkswagen has announced that they are considering buying back some of the European vehicles affected by the “irregularities” of the nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide testing processes.

Last week VW admitted that their internal investigation into the nitrogen oxide emissions scandal had revealed that there were also issues with their CO2 testing. Approximately 800,000 cars in Europe are affected, including 100,000 petrol models. VW are now retesting the vehicles concerned.

If the tests reveal that the CO2 emissions have been understated by more than 10 per cent, then European drivers would have the chance to sell their cars back to dealers at current market value.

Incentives for Volkswagen Owners

Volkswagen has announced that their UK customers could receive up to £1,500 in incentives as they try and avert a massive impact on their sales value.

VW is going to top up any discounts offered to existing customers trading in a VW of any age with a further cash incentive - £400 on the Up city car, rising to £1000 on the Golf and Passat, and £1500 on the Touareg and Sharan.

Volkswagen’s UK sales dipped in October, the first fall for them in over three years. VW’s incentive scheme is clearly designed to encourage customers to come back to them, or at least not delay their VW purchase.

Volkswagen Owners Furious at Lack of Communication

UK consumer magazine WhatCar? has found that VW owners are furious at Volkswagen’s lack of communication, especially the lack of information about which cars are affected by the CO2 irregularities.

Consumers mainly want to know if they will be compensated, with concerns ranging from wanting to give their car back, to wondering if they will be compensated for lost fuel economy. WhatCar? has found that a small but significant number of VW owners actually just want to give their car back as they view the vehicles as “damaged goods”.

Claiming Compensation from Volkswagen

Slater and Gordon are still investigating the possibility of a group action claim against Volkswagen to compensate VW owners. If you are interested in claiming compensation from Volkswagen please register your details on our VW Emissions Scandal Investigation page.

Jacqueline Young is Head of Group Litigation at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

Follow Jacqueline Young on Twitter for live updates on the VW scandal.

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