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Vauxhall Dismisses Claims they Rigged Emissions Tests

Vauxhall has firmly denied that it rigged emissions tests along with Volkswagen.

The BBC Panorama programme alleged that Vauxhall used a cheat device on their cars, like the one used on Volkswagen engines. Vauxhall refutes these claims saying that the test – or the car that they used for the test – must have been faulty.

Panorama showed a Vauxhall Zafira being tested and emitting two and a half times more nitrogen oxide than is allowed in a laboratory test.

Vauxhall issued a statement saying: “Vauxhall products comply with all regulatory requirements, including the in-service emissions testing program, according to EU rules. These requirements are periodically audited by the approval authority.

"We suspect that the vehicle tested (Zafira 1.6 diesel) was not performing correctly and/or the test execution was not correctly set up."

Vauxhall wasn’t allowed to see the test results prior to the programme being broadcasted so had no way of knowing the technical accuracy of the test.

Vauxhall Zafira B Fires

Vauxhall has been in the news for more than just the emissions scandal allegations, but for reports that their Zafira B people carriers have been bursting into flames.

Reports show that smoke has been coming from the glove box area of the car and then in just a matter of minutes the whole vehicle is alight.

Vauxhall believes that only cars that have had repairs to the heating or ventilation system have been affected, but aren’t sure what the problem is just yet. They are offering a free inspection and if faults are found, the suspect parts will be replaced free of charge.

If you have been affected by the Vauxhall fires, either lost a vehicle or are an owner and are worried, please get in touch with our lawyers who are investigating the possibility of claiming compensation from Vauxhall.

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