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Road Safety Week 2015 – Drive Less Live More

Slater and Gordon are supporting this year’s Road Safety Week as Brake, the road safety charity, urge people to Drive Less, Live More.

This year’s campaign, which runs from 23 – 29 November, encourages people to ask themselves whether that car journey is really necessary, especially if they are only going a very short distance, and to use alternative means of transport when possible.

Needless car journeys mean busier streets and risky driving. As most collisions happen close to a driver’s home, it’s easy to see how distracted drivers can put vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists at risk as they drive hurriedly around the corner to the shops, with an “I know where I’m going” attitude.

Road Safety Week this year is all about making our streets safe and pleasant for everyone. We’re all asked to consider whether we can ditch our cars for certain journeys and walk, cycle or use public transport instead.

Why Drive Less, Live More?

Full details of the campaign can be found on the Road Safety Week website, but here are just a few facts why Brake have chosen this particular theme:

  • Fatal road collisions increased by 4% last year – and pedestrians accounted for three quarters of the increase in fatalities.
  • Four in ten trips of less than two miles are made by car – surely some of these trips could have been made by alternative modes of transport?
  • As reported by the NHS, a quarter of adults in England are obese – if more people chose walking or cycling over driving for short journeys, we’d have a healthier, fitter nation.
  • The most common factor identified by police in reported road collisions last year was drivers failing to look properly. It’s worrying to think that drivers may not be paying attention on roads they know well.

Brake are encouraging people from across the UK to take part in Road Safety Week. Suggestions for employers range from car-free days for staff to setting up sustainable commuting schemes. Schools and colleges can get involved in many ways, such as mapping out safe active travel routes around the local area and promoting this to students.

Slater and Gordon will be supporting this excellent campaign throughout Road Safety Week 2015 and will be releasing blogs throughout the week, covering various topics connected with the Drive Less, Live More theme.

Deborah Johnson is the national practice development leader for road collision at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK and the chair of the road safety charity Brake.

Slater and Gordon offer a free consultation to anyone injured in a road collision through no fault of their own.

For expert legal advice about making a road traffic accident claim, call us 24/7 on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online.

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