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City Trader in Sex Discrimination at Work Case

A City trader recently claimed £3.5million for sex discrimination at work.

Thirty-six-year old Dalal Belghiti alleged that her male colleagues at Jefferies International Ltd investment bank in London rated their female colleagues’ sexual attractiveness using trading terminology as a code. Dalal also claims she was excluded from a skiing trip and denied a bonus based on her gender.

Sex discrimination remains an unwelcome feature for women working in the City. Women will often not speak out when they have suffered discrimination for fear of being stigmatised.

We understand how difficult it is for women reporting discriminatory practices and it is often only raised as a last resort when there has been no improvement in the working environment.

Women often feel isolated and alone when experiencing such practices as they rarely hear about the majority of cases involving sex discrimination in the City, which usually settle confidentially. However, in our experience, we know that sex discrimination is still a real problem.

The scenarios that Dalal described at the investment bank are not isolated incidents. We hear first-hand from clients of inappropriate sexualised conversations that have occurred at work, as well as exclusion from social events and bonuses being refused on the basis of gender.

If you have suffered sex discrimination in such a way, then you could claim for sexual discrimination. If you are considering making a claim, Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK can provide expert legal advice with sensitivity.

Common Sex Discrimination Claims

You might have a claim for sex discrimination and/or harassment at work if, because you are a woman:

  • you have been passed over for promotion
  • you have been refused a bonus
  • you have received unwelcome sexualised comments
  • you have received unwelcome sexual advances

You can contact the specialist Employment Lawyers at Slater and Gordon on 0800 916 9060 or contact us online. We can provide you with immediate representation anywhere in England or Wales.

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