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Call Us Before Your Ex Does...

You may recently have noticed our advertising campaign, highlighting our services and expertise around family law and divorce.

The billboards, tube adverts and posters have come under some criticism, with several people coming forward on our social media channels and through our call centre, commenting that our strap line “call us before your ex does…” trivialises the nature of divorce and pits you against your ex, suggesting all divorces are a battle to be aggressively fought, with a victor and a loser.

Actually, our aim with the advertising campaign is to highlight that when undergoing something as emotional, and very often traumatic, as a divorce you really need the best care and legal advice available. This is what we at Slater and Gordon offer and endeavour to make sure all our clients receive. But to ensure our clients get the best service possible it is illegal for a law firm to represent both parties in a divorce. So if your ex calls us first then our firm cannot take on your case.

The face of divorce is changing, something we know from our specialist experience. Nearly two-thirds of divorced Brits want to remain friends with their ex-partner after splitting up.

Furthermore, lengthy and aggressive court battles are becoming a thing of the past, with 64 per cent of separated couples having a good relationship with their ex after their divorce.

We know that divorce proceedings can be incredibly complicated and maintaining a civil relationship can be difficult, but there are some steps that I believe can potentially make a divorce less traumatic for all parties.

My number one tip, highlighted in our advertising campaign, is to ensure you get the correct advice as early as possible after coming to decision to divorce. This means seeking out a solicitor who is committed to the amicable divorce process through informal roundtable meetings. It’s also about having an attitude that generally takes away the need for conflict and battle lines.

Mediation can also be an option for couples to explore and can help progress discussions when roadblocks seem insurmountable.

Choosing a divorce solicitor can be tricky and there a lots of areas to consider. A good lawyer will help sever the ties of your marriage, secure your financial future and if you have children, work on a post separation parenting plan to ensure that both parents have a fruitful relationship with their children. Every lawyer in our Slater and Gordon aims to achieve this as it will be a better outcomes for everyone involved.

The stigma that exists around getting divorced means that people will find a law firm advertising their divorce services quite provocative. Yet, for someone on the verge of ending their marriage it might make them feel less alone and like someone will help them navigate this tricky step in their life. As our advert says – your case is our cause – and if just one person feels able to come to us and seek advice about their divorce, then it has done its job.

Amanda McAlister heads the team of expert family lawyers at Slater and Gordon in Manchester.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have the largest team of family lawyers in England and Wales. For an initial consultation call us on freephone 0800 916 9055 or contact us online and we'll be happy to help.

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