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Will BBC Drama ‘Doctor Foster’ End in Divorce?

Tonight is the finale of BBC drama Doctor Foster.

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The show, which depicts GP Gemma Foster dealing with her cheating husband, has proven highly popular with 8 million viewers expected to tune in to see how it all ends. Accomplished playwright Mike Bartlett will no doubt be pleased how many people he has hooked to his dark story about brooding jealousy and infidelity.

Suranne Jones’ character has had to deal with the discovery that her husband has a young mistress played by Jodie Comer. After packing suitcases, only for them to be drunkenly ignored by her entrepreneurial husband, she eventually asks her husband if he is having an affair. She might have been able to forgive him were he not to have denied the affair.

Now the series might end with Dr Foster declaring that their relationship, riddled with lies, has broken down irretrievably and that she will be filing for divorce. But something tells me that something far more dramatic will unfold in the final episode, especially since she has already exhibited some questionable ethics in previous episodes. What do you think Doctor Foster will do next?

Given the denial it might not be that easy for the Doctor to pursue a divorce based on her husband’s adultery. If he refuses to admit that there was a sexual relationship with Jodie Comer’s character then Dr Foster would need to find a way to prove it took place. This is extremely difficult as mere suspicion and circumstantial evidence is not enough. Dr Foster will also need to show she finds it intolerable to live with him.

In many divorce cases, it can be easier to prove the marriage has broken down beyond repair due to ‘unreasonable behaviour’ rather than ‘adultery’. We often find this because one party is unwilling to admit to the adultery and have their infidelity committed to record. An over familiar relationship, inappropriate messages and unexplained absences from home could be used as examples of such unreasonable behaviour.

There are in fact five different facts that can be used in order for spouses in the UK to get divorced.

To find out the five facts of divorce read our blog Can Irreconcilable Differences Be Grounds for Divorce?

Vicki McLynn is a Principal Family Lawyer at Slater and Gordon in Manchester.

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