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The Gender Balance Report

A new report on the gender balance within British boardrooms reveals an improvement, but there is still much work to be done to get women into executive positions.

The report by Lord Davies, former Minister of State, was published on 29 October 2015. It examines the progress that FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies have made in regards to redressing the gender imbalance.

Since 2011, the number of women in FTSE 350 board positions has risen from 289 to 682 meaning that the rise in female employment in the UK is faster than the US, Japan, Canada, France, Italy and Germany. Another positive is that there are no longer any all-male boards in the UK’s FTSE 100.

The number of female board members has risen from 12.5% in February 2011 to 26.1% now. This means that the FTSE 100 firms have met their voluntary target for women board members that was set at 25%. Meanwhile in the FTSE 250 there are still 15 all-male boards and women make up 19.6% of the board positions.

The report provides companies with a checklist that they can use to help improve their gender balance. The checklist details the components and processes that companies should have in place throughout their organisations, including in their senior teams and at board level.

Slater and Gordon Employment Lawyer said, ”Whilst good progress has been made in starting to address the gender imbalance in the boardroom, women still only represent 9.6% of executive directors in the FTSE 100. There is clearly still much work to be done. “

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