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Slater and Gordon Support GBSS Why Guess Campaign

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are proud supporters of the Group B Strep Support Group and their unstinting strive to improve testing and awareness of the serious implications of Group B Strep infection in mothers and newborns.

The statistics for GBS are quite startling – in the UK, one baby a day develops GBS infection and at least one baby a week dies from the infection.

The Group B Strep Support Group is campaigning to raise the current standards for testing in the UK to the gold standard of the Enriched Culture Medium (ECM) test which is designed to specifically test for GBS carriage.

It is hoped that improved testing will increase the rate of detection of GBS and reduce the incidence of neonatal morbidity.

Currently, testing in the NHS can miss up to 50% of GBS carriage. ECM testing is, however, specifically designed to target the bacteria and has a higher detection rate.

Get Involved

Details of the Why Guess? campaign can be found on the Group B Strep Support website.

There are various ways to support the group’s aims and the campaign and I encourage all to get involved.

Christian Beadell is a Senior Associate Solicitor specialising in clinical negligence claims at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Liverpool, and a panel solicitor for The Group B Strep Support Group.

For more information or a free consultation with a clinical negligence lawyer, call Slater and Gordon on freephone 0800 916 9049 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to help you.

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