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Guy Pearce Celebrity Divorce

Guy Pearce has confirmed that he separated from his wife of 18 years Kate Mestitz in January.

The actor and musician is best known for his starring role in Christopher Nolan’s Memento and Curtis Hanson’s L.A. Confidential. These break out roles helped him to have a successful acting career, featuring in big films such as Iron Man 3, The King’s Speech and The Hurt Locker. Yet, even though he has been in big blockbusters he is still fondly remembered as Mike Young from Australian soap Neighbours.

Guy Pearce moved to Australia from Cambridgeshire when he was three. There he met Kate Mestitz, his childhood sweetheart, at the age of 12. They married in 1997 but after more than 20 years together they have decided to go their own separate ways.

Well, kind of.

Guy said that “sadly, the time has come to part ways” and confirmed the split on Twitter saying “Rumours r true I’m afraid – Kate and I parted ways back in Jan. Sorry 2 be boring but we couldn’t be closer. We’ll love each other 4 ever xx”.

So, they have managed to come to an amicable separation like so many other celeb couples have this year for the benefit of their children.

What sets Guy and Kate apart from amicably divorced celeb counterparts Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale and Jeremy Kyle and Carla Germaine is that they’re not ‘doing it for the kids’.

They never had children together, so it appears that their amicable separation is motivated by a desire to remain friends, or a combination of numbers nine, eight and three of our Top 10 Reasons Brits Stay Friends with Their Ex. Guy was quoted saying “we’ll forever be appreciative of our mutual respect” and “Kate and I will always love and support one another and be the best of friends”.

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