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Campsite Application Denied for Site of Acre Mill Asbestos Factory

An application for plans to build a caravan and camping site on the former grounds of an asbestos factory in Calderdale will no longer be going ahead. 

Caravan Campsite
Hundreds of people have been diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases following exposure to asbestos at the former Acre Mill in Old Town, Hebden Bridge. The factory previously manufactured asbestos products and, since its closure, there have been several attempts to redevelop the site.

The discontinuation of the recent plans to build a campsite by the owner of part of the land was met with considerable concern for the dangers of disturbing the site and risking exposure to the asbestos lurking within.

Sympathising with concerns for the campsite, Councillor Janet Battye commented, “People are still suffering the effects of the asbestos works and it’s at least insensitive to make such a use of this site.”

Asbestos-contaminated land is considerably more common in the UK than many people realise. This has a detrimental effect on all kinds of building plans where there could be any risk of people being exposed to asbestos. Recently, we blogged about delays to a hospital in Harborough. The construction of St Luke’s Hospital in Market Harborough was paused due to the discovery of asbestos on the Leicester Road building site.

If concealed so that it is not disturbed, the risk of exposure to asbestos is minimised. But when disturbed, asbestos is highly dangerous. In some cases is the questionable use of asbestos as landfill as in May 2015 when the residents of Ley Hill were concerned over plans to fill a disused quarry with waste materials including asbestos.

Since the 1950s, there were over 3,500 different products containing asbestos being manufactured until its ban in 1999. From floor tiles to insulation, asbestos was used in commercial buildings and houses. If a building was built pre-1999 there is a chance that it contains asbestos. If asbestos is disturbed, exposure to the dust can be fatal, with the effects of asbestos difficult for doctors to detect for a minimum of 10 years following exposure. Because of this, specialist disposal of asbestos is required by regulated professionals.

Exposure to asbestos dust and fibres is highly dangerous and for those who have seen lives affected by the old Acre Mill, the continued rejections to develop on the site will be met with relief.

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