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Is there a new D-Day? September Sees 2nd Surge in Divorce Cases

January is the time of year when we traditionally see an increase in the number of enquiries about getting a divorce. It seems, however, a new trend is developing.

Why do More Couples Separate in January?

Every case of divorce or separation is different so it is hard to give a definitive answer. However, it is thought that spending a lot of time together over the Christmas holidays can push relationships to the brink and that people often crave a fresh start in the New Year. Some people feeling perhaps that ‘New Year, New Me’ also means ‘New Year, New Relationship’. The calls we receive often also come after school holidays have ended when perhaps people feel they can then focus more on themselves.

Could September Become the New January for Divorce?

According to the volume of calls received by Relate, the national relationship counselling service, it seems that September might soon rival January. The month of September has seen a 6% increase in the number of inbound calls from couples with relationship problems year-on-year. This year Relate recorded 11% more calls in the first week of September compared to the first week of August, indicating that there could be a second peak in divorce cases over the calendar year.

Why would September have more divorces?

It would appear that the reasons behind the increase in the number of divorces in September are the same as the reasons why people decide to start divorce proceedings in January. Firstly, the extra time spent together with the family, the desire for a fresh start and the return of children to school.

The summer holidays can be a challenging time for parents who have children. The extra time spent together looking after the children while they are off school might add an extra level of stress or strain to a relationship. Then, when it comes time for the children to go back to school, the new school term could perhaps bring with it a desire for a new start.

It is possible that the timing of a September separation makes sense for those parents who are looking to minimalise the impact of their divorce upon their children. The kids have gone back to school and the change that comes with a separation or divorce could impact less on them than were it to happen during the summer holidays.

Our recent survey found that children were the number one reasons couples wanted remain friends with their ex following separation or divorce. If you are looking to keep things amicable throughout your divorce see our blog 4 Top Tips for Amicable Divorce.

Slater and Gordon Principal Family Lawyer Vicki McLynn said, “If you are considering a divorce or separation it is important to take advice from an expert in family law at an early stage. You then ensure you can make this difficult decision with a full understanding of what it will involve. You can also consider the best process for you and your family to ensure the impact on your children is minimal.”

For an initial consultation with an expert Family Law Solicitor call freephone 0800 916 9055 or contact us online and we’ll call you back.

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