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Can I Claim for Food Poisoning on an Overseas School Trip in the UK?

If your child fell ill whilst on a school trip overseas, you may wonder if you can claim compensation from the UK. With the help of a Travel Litigation lawyer, you can.

Food Abroad
In a recent blog we addressed the question of who is responsible for your child’s safety on a school trip. When your child takes part in a school trip in the UK or overseas, we give consent with the trust that they are as safe as when they go to school in the morning. Whereas staff and the likes of lifeguards and other officials responsible for health and safety during any activities overseas may do their best to ensure the wellbeing of pupils on a school trip, food poisoning and illness outbreaks may sadly often only be realised once it’s too late.

As with any holiday abroad or closer to home in the UK, establishments serving or preparing food have a responsibility to ensure a clean and healthy environment, minimising the contamination and spread of harmful bacteria that could cause a very different outcome to the fun-filled trip the school staff and pupils had in mind.

An example of this is currently in the news, with Leeds City Council confirming that fifty children and staff on a school trip to France and Belgium fell ill from food poisoning. Belgian news reports have stated the outbreak took place overseas, including symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea.

Paul Clayton, acting co-headteacher at Guiseley School, said, "Both children and staff have been checked by doctors and, while their conditions are not thought to be serious or contagious, as a precaution they were kept in hospital and monitored overnight.

"Our first priority is always the safety of our children and we are in close contact with parents and carers.
"Extra staff from the school have now arrived in Belgium to assist further."

In a case like this, aggrieved parents will rightly question the cause of illness, how it happened and who is responsible. This is where specialist Travel Litigation lawyers can provide assistance above a more general personal injury lawyer in pursuing a compensation claim.

If you or your child have suffered food poisoning on a school trip or holiday overseas, you may not be aware that you are entitled to a holiday illness claim compensation.

Questions that people frequently ask when they believe they have become ill as a result of something they’ve eaten or low levels of hygiene whilst abroad are:

• How does a food poisoning compensation claim work?

• Is it possible to claim for food poisoning abroad back home in the UK?

If you’re uncertain whether you have a claim, or what you can do to help make a successful case, see our blog on how a holiday food poisoning compensation claim works.

If you or your child have suffered food poisoning on a school trip overseas our No Win, No Fee Solicitors can help you with your claim for compensation. Call us on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online.