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Asbestos Causes Delay to Hospital in Harborough

Construction work on St Luke’s, a new hospital in Market Harborough has been paused due to the discovery of asbestos.

Hospital Construction
The building site for £7.8 million St Luke’s hospital on Leicester Road in Harborough was found to contain asbestos in the remains of a previously demolished building. The site was excavated and traces of asbestos were discovered, according to an NHS spokesperson, stating, “"However, these have been found to be non-hazardous and there is no risk to the public. The site itself contains no hazardous materials and an appropriate action plan has been developed to manage the site when construction of the new hospital commences."

Recently in the news was the matter of an HSE investigation into asbestos at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Asbestos dust and fibres has carcinogenic – cancer-causing – properties. If a person is exposed to asbestos and breathe in the dust and fibres they can develop lung diseases such as Mesothelioma, the symptoms of which are undetectable for many years after the initial exposure, meaning doctors are unable to make a diagnosis. Further to this, if exposed to asbestos its fibres are easily transported on clothing, potentially affecting others.

Slater and Gordon Principal Lawyer, David Cass commented, “The discovery of asbestos on the site of a new hospital highlights the continuing legacy of the very widespread use of asbestos in buildings over the course of many years. All asbestos is potentially dangerous and the precautions being taken to make the site safe are essential. The dangers of coming into contact with this highly toxic substance persist. Those working in the construction industry must remain vigilant constantly in order to protect themselves and the general public from the potential risks.”

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancer of mesothelial tissue, which covers the lungs. This type of cancer typically develops in the lungs or abdomen, and is mostly associated with exposure to asbestos. Read more on the causes of mesothelioma.

The discovery of asbestos at the site of St Luke’s Hospital is a serious matter. Most important is the safe removal and disposal of the asbestos by specialists, ensuring that it poses no further risk to the public. The incorrect disposal of asbestos is a punishable crime. The removal of asbestos from a property should strictly be carried out by specialists. If you suspect your premises might contain asbestos, it is essential that you do not disturb the asbestos.

Instead, you should immediately arrange for professionals to conduct a survey of the property and the correct, safe removal of any asbestos.

Slater and Gordon Asbestos Lawyers can pursue compensation claims for people that have been exposed to asbestos at work.

If you think you may have been exposed to asbestos at work call the expert Personal Injury Solicitors at Slater and Gordon Lawyers on 0800 844 0275 or contact us online.

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