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Working Mothers’ Positive Influence on Their Children

Working mothers often feel guilty about leaving their children to go to work. However, new research shows that those whose mothers work do better in later life.

A Harvard University study that used data from the UK and 23 other countries has shown that the children of working mothers earn more as adults, have better careers in more senior positions and more equal relationships than those who were raised by full-time mums.

The study revealed that daughters are significantly more likely to be employed and have a higher chance of holding supervisory responsibility at work if their mother worked for at least a year during their childhood.

The study also highlighted that once children grow up, they will tend to hold significantly more egalitarian gender attitudes if they were raised by a working mother as their parents are more likely to share the household responsibilities. In effect, women spend less time doing household work each week and men spend around one hour a week more time in caring for family members if they were raised by a working mother.

The UK now has Shared Parental Leave which can be used so that mothers can go back to work and fathers take charge of childcare, or can be used in a way wherein parents share responsibility for childcare following the birth of a child. In allowing women to continue to work through the early stages of motherhood, Shared Parental Leave could have a positive influence on the values and experiences of sons and daughters.

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