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When Adventure Holidays Go Wrong

When it comes to holidays and travelling with an element of risk, many people will relish the change of pace, whilst others who perhaps have other ideas of relaxation in mind when it comes to annual leave may see the adventure holidays and water parks as a risk they aren’t willing to take.

 Log Flume

The Travel Litigation team at Slater and Gordon come across a wide range of cases of holiday accidents; from injuries as a result of neglected health and safety on the part of hotel management, to groups and individuals afflicted by food poisoning in overseas restaurants.

When preparing for the risk of adventure holidays, it is essential that you make travel insurance a priority on your holiday shopping list. Not only is this more affordable than the cost of any medical expenses incurred in the event you are injured in an accident overseas, but can also be tailored to suit any specific activities you have in mind whilst abroad. If you have a specific adventure in mind, be it cliff-diving, bungee jumping or abseiling, it is wise to book these excursions with your travel agent. This is a way of ensuring the company follows a level of health and safety protocol and service that you should hope to expect, as the company would most likely be well established for a travel agency to trust them as an associate. Booking through your travel agent will also make any potential compensation claims easier to trace in the event of an accident compared to a locally run business.

Recently in the news were reports of a 23-year-old woman from London who was killed in a bungee jumping accident in Granada. This tragedy highlights the importance of ensuring dangerous activity providers are regulated.
Travel insurance covers a wide variety of risky sporting endeavours whilst abroad, from the extreme to waterparks. Things we would consistently expect of any company, local or international, to place importance in is the maintenance of equipment, adequate training and supervision when there is any risk to their customers’ safety.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have represented several clients involved in waterpark accidents, including a client who suffered an accident on a log flume. She was with her friend and the log flume lost pressure and stopped half way around the ride. The park didn’t have sufficient attendants on the ride and there should be one at the start and one at the finish. The attendant at the start should only let a ride go when the attendant at the finish signals that it is all clear. In this instance there was only one attendant at the start who was just waiting a few minutes before setting off the next ride.

In this case, the next ride was set off and smashed into the back of the client log flume. This caused the client to be thrown forward and collided into her friend. As a result of the collision, she lost her teeth and suffered serious head injuries. She was awarded £180,000 in damages.

In another case, a man went down a water slide without sufficient attendants to supervise and the next person was sent down too quickly before our client had time to clear the area at the bottom of the slide. The man collided into our client and fractured his collar bone and caused him a serious neck injury. He was awarded £20,000 in damages.

If you are planning to take part in any activities that come with a certain element of risk whilst overseas, taking the time to research trusted companies as well as travel insurance are simple steps that can help to alleviate any concerns about health and safety. If you are later injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, or as a result on health and safety negligence on the part of your tour operator, specialist travel litigation solicitors can help you to pursue a compensation claim for any damages caused by an accident that shouldn’t have happened.

Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers UK are experts in securing compensation for holiday accident claims.

For a free consultation after being injured on holiday, call us on freephone 0800 916 9046 or from abroad on +44 20 7657 155 or contact us online and we will call you.

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