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Merseyside Police Urge Wirral Motorcyclists to Stay Safe this Summer

It’s great to see Merseyside Police launch a safety initiative aimed at keeping some of our most vulnerable road users safe this summer.


A joint road safety initiative with Wirral Council launched last Thursday with Merseyside Police officers present at the Wirral entrance to the Mersey tunnels, giving advice to local bikers about staying safe and avoiding motorbike accidents when out on the roads this summer.

Perhaps Merseyside Police are as concerned as I am about the latest Department of Transport statistics, which show a 17% increase in fatal road accidents on Merseyside over the last 12 months. In 2014, 27 people lost their lives on Merseyside roads – compared to 23 the previous year.

The statistics also show that UK motorcycle accident injuries went up by 1,614 last year, with a total of 20,366 casualties in 2014 – so I’m glad to see our local police force make a big push in tackling what is evidently a growing issue nationally.

Motorbike Safety on Merseyside

The road traffic accident statistics also show that, throughout the UK last year, 1,614 more motorcyclists lost their lives than in 2013.

Merseyside Police are supporting BikeSafe, the national motorcycle safety project that aims to reduce the number of motorcyclists who are injured on UK roads.

BikeSafe recognises that motorcyclists are among our most vulnerable road users and offer workshops which explore the main hazards that they bikers face. Details of BikeSafe workshops on Merseyside can be found here, on the BikeSafe website.

Merseyside Car Drivers Should Look Out for Bikes

At the start of summer, we blogged about how motorcyclists should take extra care on the roads, with a particular focus on staying safe at road junctions.

The long summer evenings will continue for a few weeks more, so Merseyside bikers are likely to make the most of this and head out for a ride to help them unwind after their day at work. At Slater and Gordon, we see how devastating motorbike accident injuries can be, so I’d also urge car drivers on Merseyside to follow the THINK! advice for drivers, and especially:

  • take longer to look out for bikes – especially at road junctions;
  • remember your blind spots – check for motorbikes when changing lanes;
  • keep your distance – not all bikers are experienced riders and could be intimidated if you drive too close.

Phil Scott is an Associate Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Liverpool.

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