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Drones Used for Road Traffic Accidents in Indonesia

Police officials employed the use of drones and smartphone technology to help with holiday road traffic accidents in Indonesia. 

Drone Rta Accident

The roads of Indonesia are particularly dangerous for the many thousands of people travelling for the religious holiday Idul Fitri in Indonesia. In 2014, more than 3,000 road traffic accidents were reported, resulting in the deaths of 650 travellers. The journey can take up to five hours, but during the Muslim holiday in July, drivers are typically on the road for 25 hours straight.

This year in Jakarta, where road traffic accidents increase during the festival, authorities have used drones to monitor traffic so that, in the event of a road traffic accident, police are able to see if from above. As well as this, police have launched a smartphone app that gives drivers access to the police CCTV network so that they can check traffic conditions on vital roads.

Eleven holidaymakers were fatally injured in a road traffic accident when their bus crashed into a steel bar dividing lanes on the Palikanci toll road in Cirecon, Indonesia. The accident was reportedly caused by the bus avoiding a speeding car. As well as the eleven people tragically killed, a further thirty-five people were injured, with a four kilometre traffic jam in which drivers became stranded.

National police officials recorded a total of 723 road traffic accidents in Indonesia during the Idul Fitri holiday. National Traffic Police Chief, Condro Kirono stated, “Within a four day period which began a week ahead of last year’s Idul Fitri we had 251 fatalities. In comparison to the same period last year, overall we’ve had 221 fatalities.”

Statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) state that approximately 1.24 million people die as a result of road traffic accidents, with 20-50 million people suffering non-fatal injuries around the world. Only 28 countries, representing 416 million people, have adequate laws that address the five risk factors of speeding, drink-driving, helmets, seat-belts and child restraints.

The number and frequency of road traffic accidents are heightened with the thousands of people making their way to and from Java for the Idul Fitri holiday. Laws state that the use of helmets and seatbelts are mandatory and the use of drones and technology suggest the lengths officials are taking to tackle the risks of road traffic accidents.

Fundamentally, alongside the potholed conditions of road surfaces, many accidents are attributed to tiredness as many travellers’ journeys – known locally as “mudik” – mean drivers are at the wheel for more than 24 hours. Fatigued drivers will not be able to focus as well as when they are properly-rested, making their vehicle dangerous to others on busy roads. In answer to this, Hudaya Arryanto, Vice President Director of PT Lintas Marga Sedaya, stated, “In several locations which are prone to accidents, we have provided rumble strips. You can see this around areas of interchanges or where corners are found.”

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