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Common Child Injuries and Injury Prevention Tips

It’s no secret that children find themselves in all sorts of accidents from broken limbs to cuts and grazes. Whether they’re at school or out playing at home, they can obtain injuries in all manner of scenarios. 

Due to the fact that children are growing all the time, if they have an accident and happened to break their arm, for example, the way it broke and the way it healed would be different from that of an adult limb.

The NHS say that injuries caused from accidents in and around the home are one of the leading causes of serious harm and death in young children in the UK. It is estimated that around 2 million children under the age of 15 are taken to A&E after being injured in and around the home.

Types of Child Injuries

Some common mild injuries children get include bruising, grazes, minor burns, sprains and minor fractures, amongst others. These types of injuries can be caused by falling over, playing sports or other outdoor activities such as running, skipping, falling off a bicycle etc.

Sometimes, children sadly suffer from serious injuries or even fatal ones such as severe burns, broken limbs, spinal injuries, brain injuries, concussion and injuries to other internal organs. These types of injuries can be caused by but not limited to house fires, road traffic accidents, falling from height, drowning or sporting activities.

Injury Prevention

Small minor injuries such as bumps and bruises are sometimes unavoidable. However, there are some things you can do to protect your child from serious and potentially life threatening accidents.

The NHS provides a list of some prevention tactics for some of the most common injuries to babies and children:

1) Preventing Falls:

a) Make sure you don’t leave babies or small children unattended on raised surfaces.

b) Fit restrictors to windows so they can’t open too wide but can still be opened in an emergency.

c) Secure any furniture and kitchen appliances to a wall if there’s a risk of them being pulled over.

2) Preventing Burns and Scalds:

a) Don’t place hot drinks in reach of children.

b) Switch off heated appliances immediately after use and place them out of reach of children.

c) Use the back rings on the hob whenever possible and turn saucepan handles away from the edge of the counter top.

3) Preventing Poisoning:

a) Keep all dangerous chemicals in their original containers so they can’t be mistaken as non-poisonous products.

b) Use containers with child proof tops/lids.

c) Fit a carbon monoxide alarm to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

All children have a right to a safe environment and protection from injury.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor, Jennifer Maloney says, “Children are vulnerable and it is important that everyone, not just parents, does everything they can to keep them safe. I have represented many children who have been seriously injured in accidents and the effects can be devastating for them and their families.”

Jennifer Maloney is a Serious Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

For a free consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer, call us on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online and we will call you back at a time convenient to you.

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