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Age Discrimination Issues for Mature Executives Wanting More Flexibility at Work

Many Senior Executives and managers get to a point in their career when they would like to see a real change to their role and methods of work. 

They long for a change where delivery is favoured over hours in the office. But they face an unrelenting long-hours culture where any request to work differently or to negotiate new terms is viewed with suspicion and negativity. The stereotyping of older workers, being viewed as wanting to “coast” to retirement, can compound this attitude.

There are a range of drivers for this growing phenomenon; some are social and economic, such as an aging population with poorer pension provision needing to work on longer. Others are cultural, such as the growing sense of a need for more meaning in work. Another example is that Senior Managers simply want to have the space to do other fulfilling things such a voluntary work, sports or spending time with family, knowing this is likely to reenergise their approach to work.

Few employers have the courage and insight to support these requests, particularly if the case is not put well by the Executive.

So what reasons will employers respond to most favourably when a request for flexible working is put in?

It all depends on the circumstances, but a carefully crafted request for flexible working with persuasive reasons might well be the key to unlocking the door to fresh horizons in your career.

Despite there being legitimate reasons to put in a request for flexible working, or to renegotiate your job role, some mature employees experience age discrimination from their employers in doing so. If that happens they need to take legal advice on age discrimination promptly.

There is a concern that they may find themselves passed over for promotion, moved to a new team and later made redundant, or side-lined in a restructure and given less client facing roles.

If you have suffered age discrimination at work, the expert Employment Solicitors at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK can provide you with immediate representation. Get in touch by calling us on freephone 0800 916 9060 or contact us online.

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