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Keep Your Child Safe on the Road This Summer

Summer is here and the kids are off school, but this is the time to be extra aware of them when they’re out and about.

Every year over 5,000 children are injured or killed on Britain’s roads. The age group most at risk of pedestrian accidents are children aged between 5-14 years of age, and the highest casualty rates occur with children aged 12.

We want you and your children to have a fantastic summer break so here are a few hints and tips for keeping them safe.

  • Remember the Green Cross Code? Most of us had this drilled into us at school but it’s sometimes overlooked by parents. Make sure your kids know to Stop, Look, and Listen at the side of the road every time.
  • Try and persuade your children not to play in the road. Residential streets often have blind corners and if your child can’t be seen by drivers, they are more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Children will chase after balls but they need to know that it’s ok to let a ball roll into a road and to leave it. Teach them not to chase a ball if it goes near a road.
  • Encourage your children to wear light, or bright, clothing in the evenings to ensure they can be seen by other road users.
  • Make sure they are wearing helmets when riding their bike, and if they aren’t steady and confident don’t let them on the roads.
  • Bicycles must have lights and reflectors on, so make sure that these work and are clearly visible. Children are smaller and therefore harder to see. The more you do to make them visible the better.
  • If you and your children are walking along a road without a pavement or footpath, make sure you are facing oncoming traffic. This way you will be able to see any vehicles approaching and they can see you. You will stand a better chance of moving out of the way if necessary. 
  • Above all else, make sure your child knows that the road isn’t a playground. It’s not always safe and not all drivers pay attention properly.

Hopefully your summer with your children will be lovely and uneventful, and you’ll be perfectly safe. But sadly accidents do happen, and when they do you need to know where to turn.

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