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Can I Claim Compensation if I’m Injured in a Holiday Accident in the UK?

Accidents and injuries are the last things on our mind when we’re headed on holiday overseas and in the UK.


It may be fair to say that accidents involving British people overseas are more prevalent in the headlines than holiday accidents in the UK. It is said that many accidents, including road traffic accidents, occur when we have our guards down. And when are we more settled into our comfort zone than when on holiday – perhaps even more so when we stay at home in the UK.

Be it a sporting or action adventure holiday, or a few days with your feet up, nobody wants an accident to ruin their well-earned time off. The subject of insurance works both ways when it comes to safety on holiday premises; both you and the site owner should make insurance a top priority, but first we’ll address how you may insure yourself in the event of an accident.

In a recent blog, we addressed the cost of holiday accidents as revealed in a Post Office study. Though many people do not think that an accident could happen to them while on holiday, or that accidents are just something that happen to other people, the small cost of travel insurance is considerably less than that of medical costs in the event a sustained injury requires medical attention. Though a holiday accident claim can potentially compensate you for any incurred costs at a later date, purchasing insurance before you depart is a way of protecting yourself in advance. It can also be tailored depending on the nature of your holiday – a good idea if taking part in activities out of your usual day-to-day.

Camping is a good example of a popular holiday destination when staying in the UK. Whereas the risks posed by nature and the elements when camping off the beaten track, many will be pitching at a more reputable campsite. This is where a matter of liability for any accidents that weren’t your fault may become a factor. For example, if hiking in the wilderness or camping off the beaten track and you suffer an injury in an accident, pursuing occupier’s liability may be difficult. But when camping on an established campsite, the owner has a responsibility for carrying out a risk assessment of public areas, and ensuring that guests and holidaymakers are not in harm’s way.

For further information on who is liable if you’re injured whilst camping, see our previous blog here.

Further to this, owners have a duty to purchase liability insurance that covers the unforeseen event of an accident on their premises.

Recently in the headlines was the accident involving a Chemical Leak in the swimming pool of Duck Holiday Park near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. 40 people were hospitalised as the result of the chemical leak, for which the resort owners were liable. For more information, see our previous blog, Swimming Pool Chemical Leak at Duck Holiday Park

Tristan Hallam is a Solicitor specialising in Occupiers and Public Liability at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.

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