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Will I Lose My Job if I Claim For an Accident I’ve Had at Work?

It is natural for us all to want to maintain a good working relationship with our bosses at work. However, if you’ve suffered an accident in your workplace it is important not to be reluctant to bring a claim for this reason. 

Many people hesitate about bringing a claim against their employer because they are concerned about the effect it may have on their employment status, but there really is no need to stress.

All employers should have insurance to cover the cost of compensation claims so any damages you obtain won’t come out of your boss’s pockets but from the insurance company who insured them against any possible workplace accidents.

Employers owe a duty of care to their employees and have a responsibility to ensure the workplace is a safe place to work. If you are injured because of any fault on the part of your employer you have every right to bring a claim against them.

The Employment Rights Act 1996 prevents an employer from dismissing an employee unfairly and from dismissing someone for bringing a compensation claim against them.

If your injury is so serious that you are permanently unfit to return to your old job, your employer is required to take reasonable steps to make adjustments to enable you to return to work or to find you a suitable alternative job.

If they fail to make sufficient efforts to enable you to return to work, you may have a separate claim for a payment under the Disability Discrimination Act.

If your inability to return to work can be proved to be attributable to your injury, your compensation claim will include a claim to recover your loss of earnings, both past and future, caused by the injury.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are experts in this field and we have long experience of claiming compensation for all types of work accidents - from the most straightforward slips and trips to the most complex accidents involving sophisticated machinery and equipment, multiple parties and foreign jurisdictions.

We handle a full range of compensation claims, from relatively minor injuries with only temporary effects to injuries of maximum severity with life-changing consequences. We also provide specialist advice on employment law and welfare benefits issues so we can help and advise on every aspect of your claim.

Alicia Rendell is a Senior Personal Injury Lawyer, specialising in serious, high value and complex occupational disease and Accident at Work claims at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers offer a free consultation for people injured in an accident at work. Call us on freephone 0800 916 9046 24/7 or contact us online.

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