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The UK’s Top 5 Most Dangerous jobs

You might think that being a stunt double is just about the most dangerous job you could possibly do in the UK. Prepare for a shock: You’ll be surprised that stunt work doesn’t even make our list of the top five most dangerous jobs in the UK! Discover which lethal occupations make our Personal injury Lawyer’s top five and find out what makes them so dangerous. 

5. Refuse Collectors

Once known as bin men, today our waste management operatives still have a dirty and dangerous job with the number of people who lost their lives collecting, treating or disposing of waste in 2012-2013 reaching double figures.

You might be stunned to discover the average fatality rate is 7.8 workers per 100,000. Despite the bacteria recycling men and women are exposed to, most ailments suffered by waste disposal experts are caused by slips, trips and being hit by moving vehicles.

4. Lorry Drivers and Commercial Drivers

What’s the number one killer of workers in the UK? As you might predict, the answer is road accidents. Every year work vehicles are involved in 54,000 crashes. Around one in four fatal road traffic accidents involve a driver whilst at work.

What can be done to combat the UK’s number one killer? Accidents could be reduced if employees had reasonable deadlines for their deliveries, which allowed them to take regular breaks and prevented them from driving whilst tired.

3. Miners and Rig Workers

Despite massive improvements in safety over the past decades, working on a rig and mining remain dangerous occupations. Working on a rig you are handling heavy machinery in a remote location exposed to extreme weather conditions far away from the help of hospitals.

Mining is perhaps the single deadliest profession in the UK with an average of 9.6 workers per 100,000 killed at work. With risks of explosions, fires, floods and cave-ins it is a perhaps a good thing for UK workers safety that there are only three pits which remain active in the UK.

2. Farmers, Fishermen and Forestry Workers

The agricultural sector has the highest death rate per worker in the UK. There were 29 fatalities over the course of a single year (2012-13) within the sector. It is only because agriculture makes up such a small percentage of the UK employment that prevents farmers, fishermen and foresters from topping our list.

What makes farming, fishing and forestry so dangerous? Animals can be dangerous for farmers, with five people in the UK killed by the animals at their work. Drowning is an obvious risk for fishermen. Deep-sea fishermen who work offshore cannot hide from the fact that their safety at work is massively impacted by the weather. Rain and the wind increase the chances of slip, trip and fall accidents on fishing vessels.

1. Builders and Construction Workers

Builders and construction workers top the list because the most dangerous sector to work in the UK is construction. It has more deaths than any other industry in the UK. It is a sobering to consider that within one year (2012-13) 39 UK construction workers died from accidents at work. 45% of fatal injuries to people working in construction are a result of falling from height.

Working at height increases the odds of a serious fall from, height accident. As such, scaffolders and steeplejacks are high-risk professions. Men and women who work at height are also at risk of being electrocuted by lightning. Yikes!

The most common cause of fatal injuries at work in the UK is falling from height. See our blog on the most deadly occupations in the UK for working at height.

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