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The 5 Hardest Places to Pass Your Driving Test

Taking your driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience, but would you be more nervous if you knew you were sitting your test at one of the toughest test centres?


These are the 5 worst places to sit your test according to the DVLA’s test centre pass rate.

5. Wednesbury – This market town in the Black Country has the fifth worst pass rate for DVLA test centres in the UK. Most of the failed tests in Wednesbury were due to observation at junctions, checking mirrors when changing direction and right turns at junctions.

4. Wood Green – Just down the road from White Hart Lane, the home of Tottenham Hotspur, Wood Green is a metropolitan centre in London approximately 10km north of Charing Cross railway station.

3. Belvedere – This district of south east London was the worst place to take your test in 2013/2015 but has now been beaten by two places with worse pass rates.

2. Wanstead – This may be an up and coming, and somewhat expensive, area of London boasting many independent retailers on the high street however less than a third of the people who sat their driving test at the test centre here passed.

1. Bradford (Heaton) – Driving tests will often incorporate the most challenging routes that a local area has. As soon as you leave the test centre you have to join an A-road with a huge roundabout and a junction with multiple lanes nearby. At busy times of the day, certain parts of the city are notorious for motorists parking dangerously at junctions. This makes Bradford (Heaton) the hardest place to pass your driving test with a 31.6% pass rate.

The Trend

The figures released by the Driving Standards Agency showed that in general rural areas had a higher pass rate than urban areas.

This general trend could be explained in a number of ways. As driving tests last under an hour, the area in which they can take place is limited because you have to return to the test centre within that time. In built up areas there are likely to be a greater amount of hazards that you could face than in rural areas where the challenges will be different, but in all probability more infrequent. Living in a rural area with less public transport links makes it crucial for some people to pass their test. Therefore, people who sit their driving tests in rural areas ensure they are highly prepared.

There is no point in travelling hundreds of miles in order to sit your test in a centre with a high pass rate in rural Scotland or Wales. Not only would this be costly and time consuming to travel to, it will not make you a better driver and won’t do you any favours in the long run.

Around 90% of road traffic accidents are caused by bad driving. In order to keep our roads safe you should be confident enough to drive anywhere in the UK and have the ability to pass your test at your local test centre.

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