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Swimming Pool Chemical Leak at Duck Holiday Park

40 people hospitalised as the result of a chemical leak in the Duck Holiday Park swimming pool in Belton, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Emergency services were called to Duck Holiday Park early Sunday afternoon when holidaymakers – “a mixture of children and adults” - enjoying the swimming pool began to suffer breathing problems.

A spokesperson for East of England Ambulance Service stated, "We are currently assessing and monitoring 29 patients at the site who are suffering with breathing problems, none of whom are thought to be serious condition.

"In addition, eight patients have been taken to the James Paget Hospital with asthma and breathing problems, all of whom were in a stable condition.

"Ambulance crews continue to work closely with both police and fire colleagues."

Seven people who were injured at Duck Holiday Park reportedly remained in hospital overnight. It was later discovered the cause of the swimmers’ breathing difficulties was due to a chemical leak. Haven, who own the park, said that the cause of the “higher than acceptable amount of chemicals” in the swimming pool’s water was due to a piece of grit, following investigation.

A spokesperson from Haven stated, "Experienced technicians and mechanics have been on site overnight and have now completed their initial inspection.

"They have identified a problem with a flow switch in part of the pool's chemical and circulation system. This controls the amount of chlorine and disinfectant that is pumped into the pool on a regular cycle.

"Unfortunately a small piece of grit found its way into the switch and blocked it in the open position. This resulted in a higher than acceptable amount of chemicals entering the pool."

The pool, which has since been declared safe again, was evacuated with a 20 metre cordon set in place to minimise the number of casualties.

Slater and Gordon Senior Personal Injury Lawyer, Tristan Hallam, commented: “Fortunately the injuries sustained appear to be minor. Those injured are owed a duty of care by Haven when using the pool and a clear breach of this duty has occurred which may give rise to claims.”

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