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New to the Road? Don’t Risk Your Licence

You’ve passed your test, and if you’re lucky you’re now in a car and happily driving around. But be careful out there as the rules differ between new drivers and more experienced drivers.

A new driver is defined as someone who has passed their driving test within the last two years. Until the two years are up, you’re still considered new to the road. And as such you are meant to take much more care as you aren’t as experienced as the drivers around you.

If you receive penalty points as a new driver you risk your licence being taken off you if you receive six or more in your first two years of driving. This differs from other drivers as they can receive 12 points before they face a ban.

It is important to note that any points you have received on your provisional licence carry over to your full licence and are therefore taken into account.

When you hit 6 penalty points your licence is immediately revoked and you cannot get it reinstated until a new application for a provisional licence is made. You will then need to retake the theory and practical driving tests and if you pass, a full licence will be reissued. The points will remain valid for three years. The probation period only applies after your first test so you wouldn’t be subject to the New Drivers Act once you’ve retaken and passed for the second time.

The DVLA will revoke your licence immediately if you receive 6 points, and there is nothing that the police, DVLA or Court can do about it. There will not be any prior warning so if you receive 6 points, and then are pulled over by the police, you would be charged with an offence driving without a valid licence or disqualified driving, both of which carry a much higher penalty, including prison.

In some cases, you can avoid your licence being taken off you. If you can prevent points being endorsed then you can avoid the licence being revoked. You will need advice from a Driving Offence Solicitor and attend Court.

The most common driving offences you can receive penalty points for are:

  • Running a red light – 3 points and up to £1,000 fine
  • Speeding – 3-6 points and up to £1,000 fine (up to £2,500 for motorway)
  • Driving with no insurance – 6-8 points and up to £5,000 fine
  • Careless and inconsiderate driving – 3-9 points and up to £5,000 fine
  • Failing to stop after an accident – 5-10 points and up to £5,000 fine

So bear that in mind when out and about with your new found freedom. If you don’t want to lose your licence, don’t get 6 points!

If you think you may be at risk of losing your licence get in touch with one of our expert Driving Offence Solicitors on freephone 0808 175 7998 or contact us online and we will call you.

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