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Dagenham Man Sentenced for Incorrect Asbestos Disposal

A Dagenham man found guilty of dumping asbestos on a busy public street was sentenced to a suspended jail term.

Chief magistrate Robert Jackson handed down a sentence of 16 weeks in jail, suspended for 18 months, for what he named “a serious offence of fly-tipping waste.”

Arvinder Tooray, of New Road in Dagenham, was followed by Enforcement Partnership officers via a trail of debris that led to a pile of rubbish in a back garden, with more stacked outside in a van. Tooray and two accomplices were arrested.

Whereas fly-tipping in itself is an offense, an investigation revealed a much more severe crime that placed the public at risk of the carcinogenic effects of asbestos. The dumped rubbish contained corrugated sheets of asbestos, with some of the blue asbestos left on a pavement near a school. Chief magistrate stated, “Some went on to the pavement near a school where children would walk past and members of the public could possibly breathe in the dust particles.”

Asbestos: Do You Know What You’re Dealing With?

Asbestos is a banned substance in the UK. This is due to its carcinogenic – cancer-causing – properties. It was used in commercial buildings until 1999 and, if disturbed, exposure to asbestos dust can lead to lung diseases such as Mesothelioma.

The removal of asbestos from a property should strictly be carried out by specialists. If undertaking refurbishments and you suspect your premises might contain asbestos if built before 1999, it is essential that you do not disturb the asbestos. Instead, you should immediately arrange for professionals to conduct a survey of the property and the correct, safe removal of any asbestos.

Such ignorance to the dangers of asbestos extends far beyond the crime of fly-tipping, as the actions of Arvinder Tooray potentially put many people’s health at serious risk.

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