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BB King’s Children Claim He Left a Second Will

Blues legend BB King passed away aged 89 in May 2015. He left a Will which stated his final wishes, and appointed LaVerne Toney, King’s business agent, as executor.

LaVerne Toney also had power of attorney for BB King and looked after his business for over 39 years.

But now BB King’s daughters are claiming that there is a second Will and have accused Mr Toney of stealing the family fortune and endangering King’s health in his final days. The daughters allege that Toney moved $1million out of a number of bank accounts, denied King proper medical care and changed the locks on his house so that King died alone without friends or family.

The allegations also spread to BB King’s personal aide, Myron Johnson, as they say he pocketed cash and jewellery. Mr Johnson has refuted the claims saying that they’ve been making allegations for a long time and this is just the next step.

The case is going to Court as King’s daughters believe LaVerne Toney is unfit to become executor of the estate.

Fortunately cases like this aren’t too common, but it does highlight the need for a solicitor to be nominated as executor if there is any likelihood of animosity between family and friends after your death. Your Will is one of the most important documents you are ever going to write, and you want to make sure that your wishes are carried out after your death, no matter what.

Whether you’re a millionaire or just leaving a few treasured possessions, it’s important to have your Will written up by a professional, and nominate an executor you trust and believe will carry out your wishes. If you want to ensure that nothing will impede your Will being carried out then choosing an impartial solicitor as your executor is a good choice. They will not have a personal investment in your estate and therefore will not be influenced by your friends or family.

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