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8 Ways Travel Insurance Takes Care of You

There are many add-ons thrust upon you when booking a holiday - some of which you possibly feel you don’t need. But amidst the costs of extra luggage weighting or a roaming boost for your phone, offers of travel insurance should not be ignored.

Travel Insurance

As Personal Injury Lawyers, we regularly represent people whose travels have been affected by accidents – some of whom highly regretted not taking advantage of the affordable travel insurance on offer that would have later covered them. Skip the talk of hindsight; add travel insurance as a must on your holiday list.

So, before you head overseas, add travel insurance to your list of necessities next to sunblock.

Here are eight reasons why:

1. Transport Cancellations are Covered

This is apparently travellers’ number one concern. Cancelled or delayed flights due to unforeseen circumstances on the airline or the ferry company’s part can be many excited holiday-goers’ worst nightmare. On the other hand, unforeseen circumstances could mean that you are unable to make your flight. What then?!

Travel insurance will cover you and see you reimbursed the cost. Of course, you’ll need to look around for an insurance policy that suits you, and this could affect the amount of repayment you’re entitled to. Generally, the typical reasons for cancelling your trip can include sickness, injury, or the death of you or a family member. In any case you would need evidence to support your cancellation.

2. Accommodation Costs aren’t Lost

The same cover as mentioned above applies to any hotel bookings you’ve made. If you’re ill or hospitalised and can’t make your flight, but have already paid for your accommodation at a resort, getting your money back is one less thing to worry about.

3. Lost Items are Insured

You’re rushing about and feel a little lighter all of a sudden. Then you realise one of your bags hasn’t shown up at the airport, or worse: it’s been stolen in transit or from your accommodation. At such a distressing time you can rest assured that your insurance policy covers your lost or stolen belongings. Pay-outs vary, but this is a matter of shopping around for one that you’re happy with before you fly.

4. Your Whole Family are Protected

If travelling with children, it is often cheaper to insure the whole family – with some insurers offering free cover for children. So in the event of an accident or cancellation, the sting would be slightly relieved if you had insurance to cover everyone.

5. You’re Covered in the Event of Disaster

Natural disasters and emergencies have been known to be reasons for cancelled flights in the past. In the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, weather conditions, or volcano ash, travel insurance can cover the cost of a cancelled flight. This can also cover a terrorist incident at your destination.

6. You’re Covered for Medical Costs

An accident overseas is likely the last thing on your mind when you set off on your travels, but in the event that an unforeseen accident effects your holiday, travel insurance can cover you for most medical costs you may face.

Cover for medical costs also can also extend to pre-existing conditions and pregnancies – though this depends on the insurance you choose. 

7. It can be Tailored to Suit your Specific Activities

Not only could travel insurance cover you in the event of an unforeseen accident, but if you’re heading on an adventure or sporting holiday, or planning an excursion with an element of risk to it, you can purchase insurance that is tailored to cover it. It works both ways, too.

So if you’re hitting the ski slopes and you collide with someone, in the event they wanted to make a claim against you, you’d be covered.

The cost may rise accordingly with the level of risk, but if you’re heading white water rafting or cliff-diving, you can do so in the confidence that you’re covered in the event of an accident. In this sense, travel insurance affords you the confidence to enjoy yourself to your own limits.

8. Backpackers can Travel with Peace of Mind

Backpackers – especially those travelling off the beaten track – may not have insurance in mind when they’re off overseas to explore. Travel insurance is available for the aforementioned areas, and when backpacking and each of your packed belongings becomes a valued possession that is relied upon, cover for lost or stolen items could be a real life saver in the long run. This is another scenario in which travel insurance is a way of ensuring peace of mind – not least for mums and dads sending their semi-grown children away on a gap year. 

Some insurers only offer cover for a limited amount of time so, as with all insurance, it is important that you do your research before purchasing.

Whichever policy you are thinking of getting, the bottom line is that the right travel insurance can cover your trip, taking care of you every step of your way, and in the unfortunate event of an accident on holiday, Slater and Gordon’s Travel Litigation team are here to offer the advice and support that you need.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer specialise in Travel Litigation. If you or your holiday party suffer an accident abroad, our No Win, No Fee Solicitors can help you with your claim for compensation.

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