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The Most Deadly Occupations in the UK

Falling from height is the number one killer at work in the UK. 29% of all fatal injuries which happen at work are caused by falling from height.

Some of the most deadly jobs in the UK are the occupations where workers are at risk of falling from height. We will now examine the occupations which, sadly, have the most fatal injuries caused by falls from height in recent years.

Window cleaning is considered the most dangerous job in Britain. More dangerous than being a Police Officer, Fireman or Soldier, Window Cleaners top the list of most deadly jobs in the UK. A good deal of precaution is necessary for Window Cleaners because there is a greater chance of them being killed or seriously injured at work.

Another job where risk of injury sustained by falling from height is high is Roofing. Building, fixing and repairing roofs is a dangerous job as you are often working several stories off the ground. Working outdoors on roofs in all types of weather holds the danger of falling off, especially in conditions of high wind or rain.

The risk for Roofers, Tilers and Slaters is magnified when there are no safety measures or when safety precautions are ignored. Like Roofers, Construction Operatives and men and women who work on scaffolding are in danger of falling from height. Risks Scaffolders and Construction Workers should be well aware of include unprotected edges and fragile surfaces.

Agriculture has more injuries per employee than the construction industry. In 2012/13 one in five of all fatal workplace accidents was in the agricultural sector. Farmers and Farm Workers are at risk of falling from height from vehicles or machinery.

While the highest fall injury rates are to older men, anyone can fall from height at work. This type of accident can be fatal, so whatever your profession is you should try avoiding working at height whenever it is possible to carry the work out safely at ground level.

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