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Sorbet Kills Holiday-Maker in Greece

A Manchester mum of two was killed eating sorbet on family holiday in Rhodes, Greece.

Amanda Thompson, a senior midwife from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, feared she may be suffering an allergic reaction shortly before collapsing in her hotel room in Greece, never to regain consciousness.

The coroner’s report revealed that an ingredient in the sorbet triggered a fatal reaction. A Greek pathologist had concluded Mrs Thompson died of heart failure, though her husband believed she had suffered an anaphylactic shock.

Mrs Thompson had several allergies, and had previously told the management of the hotel in Rhodes that eating foods containing eggs, apples or milk would result in serious illness. Having made the Aegean Atlantica hotel aware of her allergies, Mrs Thompson’s husband and two sons are taking legal action against travel agents, Thomson, whom she had also informed that she would need her food to be specially prepared.

An inquest heard that it was the second night of the family holiday when Mrs Thompson said she felt a “tingling” feeling after eating the sorbet that caused the allergic reaction on holiday.

If you are allergic to any types of food and are planning a catered holiday, it is your responsibility to ensure your tour operator and hotel management are aware of your condition. Often sufferers have dealt with their allergies for as long as they can remember and are accustomed to double-checking with the kitchen before ordering and carry an EpiPen for in the event of an emergency.

The tragedy of the above story, however, may have been avoided had Mrs Thompson’s health concerns been acknowledged by the hotel.

Slater and Gordon Principal Lawyer Michael Hardacre is currently representing the family of a woman who collapsed due to an allergic reaction after a meal at Almost Famous Burgers in Manchester in January, 2015. Ms Shahid, a maths student at the University of Manchester, tragically died in hospital following her collapse.

If you or your holiday party have suffered as the result of allergens that you have made your travel operator aware of when on holiday, our No Win, No Fee Solicitors can help you with your claim for compensation.

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