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What Are SPLIT Days? Shared Parental Leave In-Touch Days Explained

This year saw the introduction of Shared Parental Leave, allowing parents to take up to 50 weeks off work in the year after the birth of a child. Eligible parents can choose whether to use the leave simultaneously or take it in turns.

Shared Parental Leave may also be arranged to allow working parents to return to work for a period of time and then go back to Shared Parental Leave. This is provided that the time you book off is approved by your employer and has been booked off in block periods of time in advance.

Similar to keeping-in-touch or KIT days for women on maternity leave, SPLIT days can be used, if you’re a mum or dads away from work on Shared Parental Leave, so that you are not left feeling out of the loop.

You can use them to return to work for a catch-up, for training, or perhaps to deliver a short project or run an event. Under the Shared Parental Leave regime, eligible parents can share up to 20 SPLIT days.

SPLIT days or ‘Shared Parental Leave in touch days’ allow you as a mother or father to take a day here or there out of your leave to return to work - without the possibility of losing the right to your leave.

SPLIT days can also be used to help facilitate a phased return to work. So, if diving straight back into work and wading through a million emails that have piled up seems a bit daunting, or if it’s going to be hard to adapt to not having your baby beside you at all times, SPLIT days could ease your transition back into working life.

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