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Separation and the Effect it can have on your Children

Couples separate for many reasons. Whatever the reason may be, it’s an emotional time for everyone involved. Even more so if there are children to consider. 

After Separation – The Children

Once you and your partner are separated, what does this mean for your child or children?

It is important that your children see both parents regularly unless there are reasons why this is not possible or not in the children’s interests.

It is also important to behave in a civil manner towards your former partner in front of your children, even though there may be issues of conflict between you. It can be harmful to your children if they see their parents arguing or behaving in a hostile manner towards each other. This can impact on them in the short and longer term. Managing your behaviour can help to minimise this impact.

This can be difficult in the face of provocation or where you feel hurt by your former partner's behaviour. Children should not, however, be involved in adult issues which they cannot understand. This can only be harmful to them and cause them upset, worry and stress.

If the conflict between you is over the arrangements for the children you may wish to consider Mediation. This is a process where a neutral third party can help you reach an agreement to minimise the upheaval for children and facilitate civil conversation. The aim is to settle on a plan of action that both parties are comfortable with and is best for the children.

No matter how you feel about the other parent, this should not be seen by your children. Always ensure you are civil to one another. Just a wave between parents sends a really positive message.

Vicki McLynn is a Senior Family Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

If you are thinking about separating and have queries regarding any arrangements including ones about your children, you can contact expert Family Lawyers at Slater and Gordon for an initial consultation on 0800 916 9055 or contact us online and we will call you back.

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