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National Maternity Review Welcomed

NHS England has announced that Baroness Julia Cumberlege will lead a major review into maternity services in England.

The National Maternity Review - which was promised in the NHS Five Year Forward View - aims to modernise maternity care for mothers and their babies across the country by examining current maternity care provision and analysing how services can be improved.

A review team of clinicians and patient safety advisors will work alongside Baroness Cumberlege to assess maternity service models both in the UK and abroad and consider how services in England should be developed so that more women can give birth at home or in community settings such as midwife-led units.

The 17-strong panel will make recommendations on how the NHS can improve the experience of mothers, their babies and their families to ensure everything is done to support and enable women to make the appropriate choices regarding their maternity care, as well as supporting maternity staff to provide the best responsive care.

As part of its work, the review will focus on the need to provide women with as much information as they need in order to understand and be able to make their choices, paying particular attention to the challenges of achieving these aims in more remote areas of the country.

The review will report its findings to NHS England by the end of the year.

Although many women find the maternity care they receive during and after childbirth is of a generally high standard, this is a chance for the NHS to raise safety standards, explore other country’s innovative care models and analyse how maternity services in England can improve to best meet the needs of today’s parents and their babies.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers very much welcome this review into maternity services and we hope it leads to the NHS being able to do more towards the prevention of obstetric injuries to mothers as well as birth injuries to babies – both areas in which Slater and Gordon’s Medical Negligence experts have significant experience in.

This panel has a huge responsibility and hopefully this review will make a demonstrable difference to the quality of maternity care women and their babies experience and can expect through the NHS in England.

Slater and Gordon Medical Negligence Solicitors can provide immediate representation anywhere in the UK. If mother or baby were injured during pregnancy or child birth due to clinical or medical negligence, call us for a free consultation on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online and we will call you.

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