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Injured in an Accident at the Gym

Overdoing it isn’t always the cause for injuries at the gym, but what should you do when injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

Whether an avid gym-goer, working on a beach body for your holidays, or just looking to lose a few pounds, keeping fit in the gym can be a healthy positive in your day - leaving you looking and feeling better. But in the event of faulty equipment, a lack of training, or poor maintenance, a personal injury sustained at the gym may leave you looking and feeling not so good.

Injuries are commonplace in sport. In the gym, you may potentially pull a muscle or strain a joint by over-doing it, using an incorrect technique, or neglecting an adequate warm-up. Such injuries are not unheard of, but upon joining a gym it is likely you'll be offered a training session or induction. This is to ensure you know what you're doing and how to avoid an injury, getting the most from each gym session. In the event you are injured due to incorrect advice from a personal trainer, that is another story. Exercise should take into account any medical conditions you may have.

A certain level of trust for gym equipment leaves many open to potential accidents. Just the other day, I witnessed catastrophe narrowly avoided when an Olympic bar was set down on an unsupported surface. When the weightlifter removed the weight discs from one end, the bar cartwheeled. Fortunately nobody was injured, but in the event that someone had been hurt, a question would need to be raised of whether the individual had been instructed on gym safety upon joining the club.

Gym equipment by nature takes a lot of wear and strenuous use. These days, equipment is built to take on the force and weight of repetitive use and, when a malfunction is reported, the gym management will either remove the equipment from the public area or place a sign on the equipment, warning members against use. It is the gym management's responsibility to ensure equipment is in full working order, in consideration of health and safety.

General maintenance of the gym can be hazardous and a general cause of an injury sustained in an accident in a public place. With hygiene a high priority in gyms, what with sweat and exposed skin, constant cleaning is important and as such, caution is required when it comes to spillages in avoiding a slip or a fall caused by tripping over equipment that has been left out.

See our guide to staying safe at the gym here.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have extensive experience in pursuing personal injury compensation claims for people injured in an accident at the gym. For example, in one of our cases, following a strenuous work out our client sat down on a bench in the changing rooms at his gym. The bench collapsed, injuring our client’s back. Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers settled the case for £6,000 compensation.

If you have been injured in an accident at the gym or in a public place through no fault of your own, contact Slater and Gordon Lawyers on 0800 916 9046 or alternatively contact us online and we will call you back.

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