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World Health Day: The Effects of Contaminated Food

April 7th marked World Health Day, highlighting the risks and effects of food contamination effecting hundreds of millions of people in the UK and overseas.

The results of food poisoning from contaminated food are always detrimental to victim’s health, ranging from sickness to fatalities. New statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) points out the growing epidemic of food poisoning due to contaminated food around the world. The latest global data revealed:

582 million cases of 22 different food-borne diseases experienced in 2010

351,000 associated deaths

52,000 deaths caused by the bacteria Salmonella

37,000 deaths caused by the bacteria E. coli

35,000 deaths caused by norovirus

40% of people under the age of 5 have suffered from food-borne diseases.

If you are fortunate enough to not have been a victim of food poisoning before, such statistics may read only as numbers, saying nothing of the devastation caused by contaminated food from around the world. The effects of food poisoning do not only exist for the people suffering in poorer countries, but can occur at home in the UK or on holiday when least expecting it.

Recently in the headlines, a group of around 80 people suffered from suspected food poisoning abroad. Each of the victims contracted food poisoning from a temple ceremony organised as part of a festival in India.

If travelling overseas and concerned about what to do if you are affected by food poisoning, read a Slater and Gordon guide here.

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