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Pop-up Restaurants Health Risks

Pop-up restaurants and food stalls are a rising trend across cities in the UK, but in the event of a food poisoning claim it can be difficult to prove liability, especially given the lack of a requirement for compulsory insurance.

Public areas and vacant shops in UK cities are increasingly haven-like for foodies taking a leisurely stroll, only to find pop-up restaurants and food stalls have appeared overnight, more often than not offering delectable cuisine that surpasses that of high street restaurants.

Pop-up restaurants – or food stalls, and Supper Clubs – are hardly new, but the standards of cuisine combined with the present possibilities of marketing via social media means that these temporary emporiums in their many shapes and sizes are increasingly popular, often taking away the foot traffic from permanent established restaurants.

Perhaps not immediately on foodies’ minds, except in the event of suspected food poisoning, is the level of hygiene and liability insurance. Sure, you may have passed a burger van or two in your time and been peckish, but decided against it by instincts. But with so many contemporary pop-up restaurants and supper clubs boasting fanciful food and fine presentation, it is easy to allow inhibitions to be lowered.

The fact is that the marks of quality assumed of such catering are not yet mandatory in the UK. Eateries should possess a Food Hygiene Certificate along with Personal Liability Insurance. Whereas these requirements may soon pass as Law, in the meantime local authorities are encouraging vendors to acquire certificates in achieving a hygiene rating that everyone should look out for.

To give a worse-case scenario, in the unfortunate event that you were the victim of food poisoning following a bite to eat at a pop-up restaurant, a compensation claim can be very difficult if the vendor has no insurance and, as pop-up restaurants are essentially temporary, they may not be easily reached to pursue a claim.

Until a Law for compulsory liability insurance, it is advisable that when partaking in pop-up restaurants, supper clubs and street food, that you check for certificates that demonstrate standards of hygiene, and in doing so supporting establishments that promote hygiene and a service their customers should expect.

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