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Footballer Injured Falling from Hotel Balcony Abroad

Staying safe overseas isn’t always about the more obvious risks of personal injury, like playing sports, adventure holidays, or even leaving your hotel room. Hotel balconies are often a problem when on holiday abroad.

A South American footballer was injured in an accident when he took a dive during a game of football. Perhaps nothing strange about that sentence, but in this case the match was being played on the Playstation of his hotel room and dive was a serious fall from the balcony.

Thomas Conechny, a player for the Argentinian under-17s national team, was celebrating his birthday when leapt backwards in excitement against the hotel room window. The window was unsecured and opened, causing the footballer to topple over the balcony. He fell 10ft to the ground and was painfully injured in the accident overseas.

A hotel worker who witnessed the accident said, “I was laying tables in the restaurant when I saw this body hit the ground outside. I was completely shocked and ran outside to see what had happened. The kid was lying on the floor and was clearly in a lot of pain.”

Conechny was fortunate to suffer only minor injuries with a twisted ankle and cuts and bruises, but the potentially fatal fall could have resulted in a considerably worse outcome.

The hotel attributed the accident occurring due to the footballer leaning too forcefully against the window, and has since warned guests to avoid doing so. One may question why an unsuspecting guest – especially a child – would assume a balcony window would be unsafe when thought to be secured. Such an accident serves as a cautionary tale to those planning to stay in hotels on their holidays abroad.

Accidents often occur when your guard is down. Knowing the risks of balconies abroad can spare you the misfortune of a personal injury in the future.

Joanne Berry is a Senior Personal Injury Lawyer specialising in Travel Litigation at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

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