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Dental Patient Left with Mouth like ‘Oral Bombsite’

A dental patient who suffered years of allegedly incompetent dental treatment has been left with a mouth looking like an ‘oral bombsite’.

After suffering 50% bone loss due to a catalogue of errors made by her dentist, the mother-of-three was forced to remortgage her home to cover £30,000 worth of dental repairs.

The General Dental Council (GDC) has launched an investigation into the work of the dentist who left the woman with fractured teeth, incorrectly placed implants and untreated gum disease.

Following months of discussion, the GDC have decided that the dentist from the Menlove Dental Practice in Allerton, Liverpool must face a ‘Fitness to Practice’ disciplinary committee - after which he could be struck off.

Having visited the same dentist for eight years, the 49 year-old Wavertree woman needed bone grafts after having all her lower teeth removed due to gum disease.

The dental treatment she received led to other health problems that included a constant pain in her hip, splitting headaches and severe mobility problems.

She also suffered disintegrating abscesses that drained into her body, effectively poisoning her, and leaving her unable to lift her left leg to put socks on.

Clearly the treatment this woman received at the hands of her dentist fell way short of what is expected from a properly qualified dental practitioner.

An increasing number of dental negligence claims involve the fitting of implants to replace missing teeth. Fitting implants is a highly specialised skill and dental errors can occur if practitioners don’t have the necessary training and qualifications.

When implants are fitted incorrectly either through errors or incompetence, patients can be left requiring painful and expensive remedy treatment. Claiming compensation can provide both the money to correct any errors, plus help to ensure that the same type of negligence doesn't happen to someone else.

Stephen Jones is a Senior Personal Injury Solicitor specialising in Medical and Dental Negligence compensation claims at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.

98% of our Dental Negligence claims are funded by a Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you.

Call our Dental Negligence Solicitors for a free consultation if you suffered injury due to negligent treatment by a dentist. Call us 24/7 on freephone 0800 916 9049 or contact us online and we will call you.

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