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Injured Playing Sports on Holiday Overseas

Taking a more sporting approach to your jolly holiday this summer? Preparation before kick-off could save a personal injury spoiling your fun.

Whether it’s a kick-about or game of volley ball on the beach, or something a little out of your ordinary, personal injuries and sport often go hand in hand. For the multitude of sporting activities available abroad, let’s take windsurfing as an example – something that, despite the gale force winds in the UK at present, may be more appealing off a sunny beach overseas. Given the undesirable weather in England and Wales it is fair to say something like windsurfing many may not be as well-practiced in the sport as they may be in others. That’s certainly not to say to stay rigidly to what you know, but that when pursuing a potentially risky endeavour, adequate training and safety precautions are essential.

In reducing the chances of the event of being injured in an accident overseas, preparations can be made when booking your holiday.

Booking any sports and activities through your travel agent should offer peace of mind when it comes to the standard of health and safety, and level of quality you should expect. This is because, for the tour operator to be in business with them, the company should have been vetted by the tour company. This is in comparison to local businesses who may be unregulated and whose facilities, training and safety equipment may not come with the same references for the quality you should be aiming for. Also, by booking through a travel agent, tracing liability will be easier to establish in the event you are injured in an accident.

Paramount in your preparations before boarding your plane is the matter of travel insurance. Though to some it is seen as an additional cost (albeit often reasonably small) for the times when, in hindsight, it was not used, in the event of an injury overseas, travel insurance makes all the difference. Most important to note, if you’re planning to take part in sports or other activities on your holiday, is that travel insurance can be tailored specifically to cover the activities you intend to enjoy – like windsurfing!

Whilst making your plans, have you made a note of emergency contact numbers for when you’re overseas?

Paul McClorry is a Senior Personal Injury Lawyer for Slater and Gordon, specialising in claims overseas.

Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyers UK are experts in securing compensation for holiday accident claims.

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