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Asda Recalls Dummies Due to Choking Risk

For the second time in two years Asda has had to recall their own-brand dummies after a potentially fatal fault has emerged.

A customer reported to Asda that the teat had come away from the casing of one of the dummies whilst in their baby’s mouth. Packs of “Little Angels 2 Newborn Soothers” are being recalled from stores as a precaution, and Asda has asked that they should be returned for a refund or thrown away.

In January 2013 Asda had to recall packs of “Little Angels Cherry Soothers” when a fault was identified. Again the dummy came apart in a baby’s mouth whilst in use.

Even though in both instances the children were not hurt the risk of them choking was incredibly high. Asda has stated that there has only been one complaint but were adamant that care and safety of customers is their top priority.

Around quarter of a million people complained about faulty products last year with electrical appliances being the most common. Faulty products cause numerous injuries every year in Britain and some even lead to fatalities.

Faulty Products can cause significant injuries and on-going medical issues. It’s important that the manufacturers are called to account for their products, especially when they know the product is sub-standard.

In Britain the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and other Consumer Protection legislation says we have a right to buy products that are safe to use and in working order. If this isn’t the case we are entitled to a repair, replacement or a part or full refund. If we suffer an injury from a product we are able to pursue the manufacturer and the seller for compensation.

There is a time limit of three years for any injuries caused by faulty products and it’s important to get advice from a specialist lawyer. Slater and Gordon Lawyers have experts in faulty product claims and can act on your behalf on a No Win No Fee agreement.

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