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Keep Roads Safe with Six Simple Pledges

There are six key points that all drivers may follow to make the roads safer for everyone. By making a simple pledge to follow them, the number of road traffic accidents could greatly improve.

Even the most conscientious, experienced driver faces the risk of a road traffic accident, and likely one that is not their fault.

Though laws are in place to protect drivers and pedestrians, accidents happen, and there are many factors that may contribute to a routine drive home from work resulting in an unanticipated event.

To help improve the safety of other drivers and pedestrians, and the often life-changing effects of the victims of Road Traffic Accidents, you can make the pledge to follow road safety charity, Brake’s six point plan.

Slow: By pledging to abide by the speed limits and slowing down to 20mph around schools and populated areas. Speed limits are put in place for a reason. You should always consider driving conditions such as weather and sharp turns and bear in mind that, when performing an emergency stop, the faster you are driving, the longer it will take to come to a full stop.

Sober: Alcohol and drugs greatly affect your ability to drive, to focus and react, and impairs your judgement. These are all factors that should not by combined with driving a speeding metal vehicle. Even when under the legal limit of alcohol, your senses and ability to drive are affected. Pledge to always drive sober.

Secure: Seatbelts are there for your safety and the protection of your passengers. By taking two seconds to ensure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up you can journey with greater peace of mind in taking this simple safety precaution. Pledge to always buckle up!

Silent: The use of your mobile phone whilst driving is illegal. However urgent, those seemingly harmless quick chats or texts whilst at the wheel are a huge distraction that put you and others on the road at risk. By pledging to never talk on the phone whilst driving, or calling someone who you know is driving, the roads will be a safer place.

Sharp: Weariness and strained eyes puts you and others at risk, with fatigue affecting your judgement and reaction time. Worse still is the number of drivers on the road in need of an eye test, but putting it off until a later date. This pledge is simple: to look after the drivers you know by not letting them drive when tired, and checking in for regular eye tests.

Sustainable: Pledging to minimise the amount you drive, instead taking public transport, walking or cycling, could not only contribute to road safety, but also your health and the environment.

Deborah Johnson is a Senior Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK and the Chair of the Road Safety Charity Brake.

Slater and Gordon No Win, No Fee Solicitors can help you to claim compensation if you were injured in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own. Call us for a free consultation on freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online and we will call you.

Slater and Gordon are a leading personal injury law firm with 1,450 staff and offices in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Derby, Merseyside, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Halifax, Newcastle, Wakefield and meeting rooms in Bramhall, Cheshire and in Hull, Yorkshire.

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