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Local Legend Killed in West London Road Traffic Accident

The residents of the Chiswick area in West London mourn the tragic end to an extraordinary life as local personality dies in a road traffic accident.

A road traffic accident took the life of cherished local hero, Anne Naysmith, when she was hit by a lorry. The accident took place at the junction of Chiswick High Road and Homefield Road in Chiswick, West London. The 77 year old woman was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver stopped at the scene and was not arrested.

A remarkable woman, Ms Naysmith lived an extraordinary life known as ‘The Car Lady of Chiswick,’ sometimes referred to as the beloved ‘Chiswick Bag Lady’. At one time a talented concert pianist, she played prestigious venues such as Wigmore Hall and St Martin in the Fields. In 1977, following heartbreak and financial difficulties, she was evicted from her home and lived on the streets in protest, at first in her car, refusing charity or offers of being rehomed.

A devout Christian and enthusiastic campaigner, she was instantly recognisable with her many layers of clothing, some stitched from discarded umbrellas and shoes made from socks, rags and pigeon feathers. Above all, eulogies speak of her kindness and contributions to her community.

Ms Naysmith was remembered fondly and the community shared in mourning, with many tweeting tributes and laying flowers. A local resident of the area in West London said, ‘She had dignity. She did things her way. She was very charming, dignified and highly cultured. She would go out of her way to help you – when she could barely stand herself. She was honest and true and she would never, ever accept any charity of any sort.’

Ms Naysmith walked the street in West London where her life ended every day. Statistics suggest that one in three road traffic accidents occur on familiar roads. Whether from fatigue, or a sense of familiarity that reduces awareness, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike are potentially less aware on familiar roads – for example, those close to home.

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