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£4 million Compensation for Brain Injury Misdiagnosis

As a result of a car crash at the age of 18, Paul Vallance, now 26 years old, suffered a broken leg, shoulder and nose. He was subsequently awarded a small compensation pay-out for his injuries that also included a ‘minor head injury’ as judged by the insurance company.

Eight years after sustaining the head injury, Paul experienced changes in behaviour which led to outbursts of anger and loss of temper, resulting in numerous job losses. It was eventually discovered that Paul’s ‘minor head injury’ was not minor after all.

Paul had in fact suffered a Brain Injury as a result of the car crash eight years earlier. Due to the fact that Paul had recovered from his physical injuries, the insurance company had failed to acknowledge his more serious Brain Injury.

Paul suffered a cerebral oedema, intra-cranial hematoma and subdural haemorrhage in the front lobe of his brain. These internal injuries damaged Paul’s emotional control and executive functioning, hence the reasoning for his anger issues and frequent use of inappropriate language towards customers and colleagues in his retail career.

As a result of this discovery, the case was taken to the High Court where Paul was subsequently awarded £4 million to compensate for the fact that his condition has resulted in him being no longer fit to work for the rest of his life. The money will pay for the specialist care and support Paul will need indefinitely.

Brain Injuries are serious injuries and because they aren’t easily detected like a broken bone for example it is important for doctors to be extra vigilant and look for signs of abnormal behaviour in a person. This is so that if something isn’t quite right, a brain scan can take place to identify any potential Brain Injury.

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