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A Little Criminal Defence Knowledge Could be Worse than None at All

It’s sometimes said that a little knowledge can be worse than none at all and in the area of criminal defence law this might well be the case.

The thing is, criminal law is one of those areas where most people have a bit of general knowledge and even perhaps strong opinions as to what’s what and how things should be. However, few people have real, specialist legal expertise.

The point might easily be made when it comes to something a little more obscure and obviously complicated, such as the law of Trusts. But criminal defence on the other hand is something where some people’s first instinct may be that they can handle a particular criminal law issue themselves.

Of course, they may be right. But on the other hand, just as with the law of Trusts, there are pretty detailed rules and principles which govern this area of law. So, if you’ve got an issue related to criminal law and you’re not a specialist but decide to handle your own criminal defence case then to some extent you may be flying blind.

This isn’t just about obscure technical legal points either. It’s simply about knowing your legal rights. Knowing where you stand on the particular criminal accusation or charge which are being put forward. Understanding issues as to evidence and procedure. Above all, it’s recognising that anything to do with the criminal law can be very stressful and sometimes might even feel intimidating. With this in mind, it’s about feeling confident to deal with criminal law situation without feeling over-awed.

So, it might be a criminal case involving a charge of assault, theft or drugs. Or it might be a public order offence, a driving offence, business crime or even professional conduct. But whatever it is, when it comes to something as serious as criminal law, the best thing you can do is to speak with an expert Criminal Defence Lawyer.

Slater and Gordon’s Criminal Defence Lawyers have an excellent track record successfully defending people who faced a criminal charge in a Magistrates Court, the Crown Court or the Court of Appeal. See our criminal defence testimonials.

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