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Former RAF Officer Eddie Graham Sentenced to 13 Years for Sex Offences

By Associate, Personal Injury

Eddie Graham has been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for sex offences against nine boys aged between 5 and 14 years old.

Graham who served at RAF Gato in Berlin during the 1980s where he was also a scout leader is evidenced to have abused boys during scouting weekends at the base.

Some of the sexual assaults also took place at a large, barrack-like building in an area known as Wilson's Retreat. His victims were all children of serving military personnel and has resulted in a call for the military to be included in the abuse inquiry which has been set up by the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Before the Judge passed sentence on the 23 sexual offences committed by Graham victim impact statements were read to the Court.  Graham was described by one of his victims as a “disgusting predator”.

After the sentencing hearing the RAF released a statement urging anyone who is the victim of a sexual offence, or has information about sex crimes to come forward in confidence.  We are pleased to see that people are being encouraged to speak out and hope that all allegations will be properly investigated. 

Slater and Gordon’s specialist team of Abuse Lawyers have particular experience in representing victims of physical and sexual abuse outside of the UK as well as expertise with abuse claims involving the military. 

One of Slater and Gordon Abuse Lawyers wrote in a previous blog, “It's often the case that victims of abuse living outside of the UK are not aware they have legal rights in the UK. The Eddie Graham case is a case where, despite the sexual abuse offences being committed in Germany, Graham’s victims are very much at liberty to seek justice under civil law in the UK. An English Court would be able to try a case like this because of the accused’s nationality. I would urge anyone affected by this case to seek expert legal advice”.

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Jessica Standley is a Personal Injury Solicitor specialising in abuse claims at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in central London.

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