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Spinal Injury Compensation Explained

Spinal injuries often occur in some of the worst and most traumatic accidents imaginable, but they also happen when seemingly innocent circumstances lead to tragic consequences.

This can be, for example, through a road traffic accident, a work accident, through playing sport and in even in some cases of medical negligence.

Depending upon the exact nature of the spinal injury, it can be life limiting in so many different ways. This can depend upon exactly what part of the spine is injured as well as the severity of that injury.

Loss of mobility and function is unfortunately commonplace and it's extremely important to make sure that any spinal injury compensation claim seeks to assist the injured person both with their suffering and their rehabilitation in whatever way is appropriate.

When it comes to making compensation awards in spinal injury claims, the Court would make a specific award for what Personal Injury Lawyers call the pain, suffering and loss of amenity suffered by the injured person. But in spine injury compensation cases there is usually much more to it even than that.

For example, the cost of rehabilitation equipment can be included, medical and health care experts can help to work out exactly what will be the best help for the particular spinal condition. This might include not only a wheelchair but also modifications to a house such as lifts or ramps or a car to help to accommodate the disability in question if that is possible. In addition to this there may well be specialist rehabilitation and physiotherapy costs which need adding to the compensation claim.

One big question which can arise is with respect to the cost of future care, rehabilitation aids and the like. Sometimes a Court may award a lump sum of compensation which takes account of such future needs and at other times it might consider a Periodical Payments Order which can be annual compensation payments covering these expenses for the rest of the claimant’s life.

Then there is the period before the claim is completed and sometimes a Court can make an order for Interim Payment to cover this period depending upon the circumstances of the case. These are all issues on which a specialist Serious Injury Solicitor would be able to give you advice on as the compensation claim progresses.

Spinal injury claims can be complicated and involve a number of different legal disciplines and expertise. Above all these claims involve the many needs of a claimant who is often going through extreme physical suffering, as well as having to come to terms with and adjust to his or her physical limitations; which are often permanent.

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