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Serious Injury Compensation Explained

One of the things the newspapers don't tell you when you hear the long drawn-out moan about the so-called ‘compensation culture’ is that the concept of compensation is simply about trying to put the person who’s been injured back into the position that they were before the accident. 

It’s not about profiting or somehow gaming the system. It’s quite simply an effort to make good the loss which someone has suffered due to the fault of another.

This is particularly important to consider when it comes to someone making a Serious Injury compensation claim. This is because however hard a Court tries to put a monetary figure on a Serious Injury, it’s not going to take away the claimant’s injury.

So, whatever amount of compensation is arrived at will probably feel inadequate when compared to the pain and suffering endured. On the other hand, compensation can at least mitigate the effects of that injury. So, compensation claims can be made for specialist treatment or therapy, for rehabilitation aids and equipment.

One of the most difficult matters to consider when dealing with a Serious Injury claim is assessing what the extent of the injury will be into the future. This is a matter in which experts can give their opinions as to the future prognosis depending upon the particular claimant and their condition.

Sometimes it might look like they are pulling predictions out of thin air and it might seem a bit like pinning a tail on a donkey. But what the best experts are doing is assessing all of the medical evidence and then using all of their wide experience to come to a fair assessment for the future.

Clearly, this process of assessment can take place over many years since it’s not always clear straight after the injury as to how things will progress from there. 

This can be particularly frustrating for claimants who are not only suffering from their injuries but they might also feel they are suffering from the uncertainty of the litigation hanging over their heads. But sometimes, at least, Interim Payments can be obtained to help the claimant through the various financial difficulties he or she might be suffering whilst the case moves slowly forward.

So, yes, Serious Injury compensation claims can sometimes be lengthy and yes, they can also be complicated. But rest assured that they can also be dealt with sensitively and in such a way that doesn't let the person suffering get lost in the abyss of legal detail.

Serious Injury Solicitors at Slater and Gordon Lawyers deal with compensation claims and rehabilitation support for serious injuries including brain injuries, spine injuries, amputation and fatal accidents; and the majority of Serious Injury claims are dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis. 

Slater and Gordon operate a Serious Injury helpline which is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year

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